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Phoenix 1.6.0 Released

by Chris McCord ・ August 26th, 2021

Phoenix 1.6 is out! This release ships with new authentication and mailer generators, a new HEEx template engine, and more.

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Improving Testing & Continuous Integration in Phoenix

by Aaron Renner ・ January 15th, 2021

A walk-through showing how we approach testing and CI for the Phoenix project and how recent changes have made this process much smoother

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Phoenix LiveView Uploads Deep Dive

by Chris McCord ・ November 19th, 2020

A step-by-step deep dive into the new Phoenix LiveView uploads feature. We go from direct-to-server uploads to direct-to-cloud.

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With the Phoenix v1.5 release, learn how easy LiveView makes it to build interactive, real-time applications.

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ElixirConf 2019 Keynote

by Chris McCord ・ September 10th, 2019

Chris McCord's closing keynote of ElixirConf 2019: Phoenix LiveView – a step-change for web development

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Phoenix 1.4.0 Released

by Chris McCord ・ November 7th, 2018

Phoenix 1.4 is out! This release ships with exciting new features like HTTP2 support, improved development experience, and more.

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Contribution Sprint

by Willy Karam ・ September 6th, 2017

This week we hosted our first contribution sprint

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Phoenix 1.3.0 released

by Chris McCord ・ July 28th, 2017

Phoenix 1.3.0 is out!

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The Road to 2 Million Websocket Connections in Phoenix

by Gary Rennie ・ November 3rd, 2015

If you have been paying attention on Twitter recently, you have likely seen some increasing numbers regarding the number of simultaneous connections the Phoenix web framework can handle. This post documents some of the techniques used to perform the benchmarks.

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After a year and a half of work, 2500 commits, and 30 releases, Phoenix 1.0 is here!

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We released Phoenix 0.10.0 this weekend and we’re really excited to share the new features we’ve been working on.

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